DSNY:Tromsø Edition (aka December Store) at Kurant

The conceptual theme of the exhibition is Exchange. Exchange is open to interpretation by the artists and can include economic trade, sharing ideas and space and cultural dialog. Exchange is cultural, physical, verbal, biological, monetary, ideological, political, aesthetic, corporeal, spiritual, digital, metaphysical, textual or philosophical.

For DSNY: Tromsø edition at Kurant, there was a 3-day event featuring about 12 American and 12 Norwegian artists’ works and performances. All the participating artists were given these guidelines: Each work would be constrained to proportions that facilitate international transportation: no larger than 10×10 inches in any direction. All the work must be valued at $100/ 800 NOK or less. The artists are encouraged to give a suggested 40% donation of sales to DSNY and Kurant.