People’s kitchen TromsøPeople’s kitchen Tromsø, is working in the field of participatory site-specific art. We investigate art in public spaces, urban development and participate in projects, which engage the public.

Traditional North Norwegian values as dugnad, volunteerism, unity, cooperation and friendship across social, cultural and age differences are part of our philosophy.

In our work we focus on how art can contribute to knowledge production in society and explore how alternative structures can operate in parallel with a capitalistic system – a form of constructive resistance that works from the inside, and is productive rather than critical.

Each resident in Norway, throws away 46 kg food each year. Overall, residents in Norway throw away over 300 000 tons of food that could have been eaten.

Food waste is an unnecessary source of pollution and CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming and climate change. People’s kitchen Tromsø’s solution to this problem is to create social events where residents can discuss and learn more about food waste, while one is in the making and eating food that is discarded.