At Straumhella and situated just 27 kilometers from the town centre of Tromsø, is a place called Hella. It is a famous tourist destination and a well known fishing and camping site, for people living in Tromsø.
In 1960 Tromsø Arbeiderforening decided to move some of the oldest houses from the town centre of Tromsø to Straumhella. Until 1990 the old houses were rented out as holiday accommodation for visiting tourists and families from Tromsø. Since then, the houses have been closed to the public.
During the summer of 2010 the collective art project ¨StraumHellaLive¨ investigated the possibilities of Straumhella. The art group produced art in a workshop in June. In September, the art group and Tromsø Municipality’s department of Cultural Heritage invited the public to revisit Straumhella for an art exhibition and a talk about the future of Straumhella.